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The Handsome Hounds Hand Stripping


In order to maintain the breed standard quality of some dogs coat types, hand stripping is recommended over clipping with electric clippers. Dogs that benefit from hand stripping are Border Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Norwich Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers and Schnauzers.

Some Spaniels coats may also benefit from hand stripping. Our Groomers will discuss this within the consultation detailed below.

The Handsome Hounds Hand Stripping consists of; 


A full assessment of your dogs coat including any health/skin problems they may have. We will also discuss any behaviour problems whilst being groomed and specific groom requirements either to breed standard or pet trim. Following the consultation a price will be given based on all the information above.

Pre Work 

Once the consultation has taken place, you dog will be taken into the Handsome Hounds purpose-built dog grooming parlour. Your dog will be pre-brushed before bathing using small amounts of de-matting specialist products to make the process as comfortable for your dog as possible.

Please note extra cost will be incurred if the coat is badly matted as this will take extra time to ensure the dogs comfort. This will be discussed during your consultation.



Following the pre work, a warm bath is run for your furry friend, using the finest Italian products. Our Standard bath includes the use of 2 shampoos, the first being a cleansing shampoo to really get your dog clean and the second selected specifically for your dogs coat for either colour enhancement or vitality. Your dog will then receive a conditioning treatment.


All bathing is done is our state of the art bath which is easily assessible and comfortable for your dog. 


Drying is done using our temperature controlled dryer which is quiet to run, especially important for those dogs who do not like the noise of a loud machine. 

Hand Stripping

Specific to your dog, hand stripping involves removing the excess hair from your dog's coat which is done by hand. This allows removal of the coat from the root rather than just the top layer, as clipping would. This creates room to enable a new coat to grow and, in some breeds, will keep the coat in a brighter condition. 

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